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We put our drivers first. That makes them feel good and safe on the road.

Mia De Wael - Van Dievel Transport

In our case, the passion for safety is transmitted from father to son.

Truck drivers Erik and Kevin Leysen

What is the TRUCK SAFETY charter?

The TRUCK SAFETY charter supports transport companies and truck drivers who take action to contribute to safer traffic. Anyone who signs the TRUCK SAFETY charter undertakes to commit to at least 7 measures of their own choosing.

For instance, drivers can ensure that they are sufficiently fit and alert when they are behind the wheel, while employers can ensure feasible driving schedules and proper maintenance of their fleet of trucks. Because if everyone signs up to life, the roads will be that much safer.

Why should you fill in the TRUCK SAFETY charter?

We will send you 3 interesting digital newsletters containing several truck safety tips and inspiring stories.

A few months after you have filled in and signed the TRUCK SAFETY charter, we will check whether you have actually carried out what is needed in order to meet your commitments. If that is the case, you will receive:

  • the TRUCK SAFETY 2017 label: an accreditation awarded by the Flemish Government for your effort towards achieving traffic safety;
  • a TRUCK SAFETY sticker;


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