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In our case, the passion for safety is transmitted from father to son.

Truck drivers Erik and Kevin Leysen

We are signing up to life!
Will you sign too?

Sign the charter (2017)

We put our drivers first. That makes them feel good and safe on the road.

Mia De Wael - Van Dievel Transport

I am signing up to life!
Will you sign too?

Sign the charter (2017)

The TRUCK SAFETY charter supports transport companies and truck drivers who take action to contribute to safer traffic. Anyone who signs the TRUCK SAFETY charter undertakes to commit to at least 7 measures of their own choosing. Because if everyone signs up to life, the roads will be that much safer. Read the list with the different measures you can take (content of TRUCK SAFETY charter).

These companies already signed the charter!

  • Riverside Logistics bvba
  • LD Trans BVBA
  • Colruyt NV
  • Transports Vervaeke
  • Dranken Baets bvba
  • NV Van Marcke Distribution
  • Euro Tap rent BVBA
  • Wilms NV
  • G. Snel Transport Belgium N.V.
  • Renewi
  • Scheers - De Cock bvba
  • D.V.M. Trans bvba
  • Edco BVBA
  • Drankenhandel Hoefnagels BVBA
  • ...
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These truckers already signed the charter!

  • Marcel Smets
  • Bart Breye
  • Marc Van Grootel
  • Bart Breye
  • Pedro Rijmenants
  • Kenneth Raymaekers
  • Gert Moortgat
  • Peter Roef
  • Jean-François Mahieu
  • Ludo Ducheyne
  • Kevin Ducheyne
  • Maarten van Dam
  • Hans Tuypens
  • Johan Van der Jeugt
  • michel montens
  • Fil Van Eynde
  • Katleen Scheers
  • Tim Van De Sande
  • Stefaan Fryters
  • Carina Bomans
  • ...
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